About Us

Knowledge Processes Ltd is an Interim Management Provider

We work with

Large and small organisations,

Companies going through growth, contraction, and other changes, such as acquiring new businesses, or simply looking to sharpen thier performance across a wide range of industries including for example, technology, manufacturing, healthcare and the financial sectors.


Who have a problem with

Finding the right level of senior level experience and expertise needed to get jobs done, frequently at very short notice in critical areas of the business, and tapping into new ways of thinking about their challenges. We work at both strategic and operational levels and ensure deliverables by


What we do is

Focus on the project and work on the job, without any political or internal factors to get in the way of delivering the result, and impart know how and knowledge to the key people in your teams, over a fixed period to ensure that you know what you are going to get


So that

You can be sure that your goals are achieved in a cost effective way, as we use our proven methodology


Which means that

You can get the best possible solution to the project, and the benefit of our experience transferred to your team or staff as part of the programme.