Business Tools

Why Tools for Interim Management?

The appropriate use of tools within a business can make a real difference.

As a practising Interim Manager I too often see situations where good software tools have been acquired but through lack of knowledge, skill, or simply that other more pressing things take priority, the tools are not put to good use to benefit the business.

I felt so strongly that a good portfolio of business tools could be applied to the benefit of the business that KPL was accredited many years ago as a Sage partner and as an accredited LVT practitioner.

My view was and remains that successful businesses are underpinned by solid foundations and these basic essentials must be developed using simple but effective toolsets.

The Tools

I also took the view that Business Processes do not need to be complicated for the sake of complexity and that many straight forward business processes deliver great results, so we focussed our work around standard products and developed methodologies for implementing to achieve the best results;

  • Strategy Development – Logo Visual Thinking {LVT}
  • Business Planning – Sage Forecast
  • Sales & Marketing – Sage Act
  • Accounting – Sage Line 50

By making appropriate use of these and other business tools we have developed robust methodologies for addressing the Nine key elements of businesses as described by The Business Model Canvas.

The reason that we have adopted this methodology is to enable organisations to quickly share a common language across functional boundaries and to visualise the key issues and challenges facing the organisation as a whole. Once understood the strategy to deal with the issues driven by a combination of The canvas and LVT methodologies makes sense to people and by harnessing their enthusiasm effective solutions materialise.

Business Model Generation

This business modelling tool more adequately described in Business Model Generation written by Osterwalder & Pigneur has been used extensively as part of the inevitable initial consulting phase of many interim assignments.