Sales & Marketing is a Process!

Managing day to day interactions with clients, suppliers, prospects, without a sales and marketing process, means that results are likely to be uncoordinated and less than effective!

A bold statement, I know but have you ever wasted time searching for key information about a client, or lost an important proposal or piece of correspondence, or had two sales people call the same client in a short time, or even simply wish that you could see a forward sales forecast for the next month, quarter or year?

Many of the organisations I have worked with suffered with these issues and many more because they needed a sales and marketing process. I have deployed the Swiftpage Act CRM tools in both large and small operations.


ACT! by Swiftpage

Knowledge Processes Ltd has focused on the use of Swiftpage ACT! client relationship management tools in the implementation of CRM systems. We have built a strong relationship with Swiftpage, and have deployed numerous CRM systems configured to suit the requirements of the business not the product.

For this reason, we look at CRM as a “solution project” - not a product, and while the product is important the methodology behind deployment is equally critical. Our experience has proven that planning pays off, and as an example we always produce a functional design specification in collaboration with our client (often the management team) where we look at business processes and define what the CRM system will do, and how it will do it. Our methodology is proven, and whether making use of a multi-user or single user CRM tool, the methodology remains the same, and has given excellent results.

If you can relate to these issues, you could improve your business by using CRM.

  • Your client contact details reside in more than one database, or more than one format
  • You have little historical knowledge of who said what when to your client
  • You have no ability to retain knowledge about your key clients if for example one of your sales people move on.
  • You have few structured business processes and common workflows.
  • Your team use different corporate layouts and formats than you would prefer
  • You have some difficulty in providing reports about your clients, and their characteristics

Swiftpage ACT! Is part of the best-selling global ACT brand and provides powerful contact and customer management solutions for small/medium sized businesses. Is easy to set up and use and has all the features needed to get your sales and marketing in order-organising you, your contacts and your business!


What our Clients Say

“Leigh has an unsurpassed knowledge of ACT CRM, and an in-depth expertise on how to build business processes to deliver results. While I was at Siddall & Hilton he helped plan our CRM processes, develop the IT architecture for ACT CRM, rolled it out to the in house and external sales team, supported the data migration, trained the teams and provided post implementation support. There isn't a question we've asked that he doesn't have the answer to, and because he understands our objectives he is able to recommend additional solutions that we had not considered. I can highly recommend him.”

Mr. David Abbott – Managing Director Insight Best Practices Ltd


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