Business Strategy does not have to be difficult!

As an Accredited Practitioner of Logo Visual Thinking (LVT) methodology, I have helped many organisations to visualise their key business issues and to take action to address their challenges.

(LVT) is a powerful tool that enables individuals and teams to

  • make sense of complexity,
  • stimulates high quality thinking,
  • promotes discussion
  • and enables immediate action.

LVT is to some degree a new approach to exploring creation and sharing of meaning, a way to make sense of a rapidly changing world. The technique is simple but can and does enable the most powerful team solutions to be discovered.

The process is interactive and fun. It comprises five stages - Focus, Gather, Organise, Act and Understand. By undertaking this process, either as a team or individually a rich learning experience is developed and frequently participants express surprise that their problems are clarified and complexity is reduced to manageable activity.

LVT develops meaning by exploring connections and revealing patterns by making the flow of ideas and thoughts, captured as "Modules of Meaning" (MOM), visible and movable. By visibly expressing an understanding of the issue it can be developed and refined to move towards solution application.

LVT is a distinctive way of enabling people to Think, Communicate, and Commit!

The video below provides an example of how easy it is to engage with the process.



I have found that a combination of using the Business Model Generation tool  (The business model canvas), provides a very robust framework for developing common language and visualisation of the enterprise.

This combined with LVT provides an good way to cut through the complexity of most organisations and to visually display the key elements of an issue which can then be more fully addressed to locate a solution


What Our Clients Say

"We have come to realise the potential of our business and how to fulfil that potential, through the use of LVT"

Mark Newman - Managing Director - MNA Safety Ltd