Successfully coaching business people

either one to one, or teams, particularly at senior executive level, requires the coach to have the correct toolkit of techniques, and to have the experience and knowhow of how and where to use the appropriate tools and in particular an understanding of the situations being experienced by the participants.

Coaching is not a simple linear progression where the improvement sought is simply a process! It is most likely a complex situation where interrelated activities are needed to address the performance issues.

Coaching relates to performance improvement, often in one or more specific skills areas, with goals typically being owned by the learner, but established by the coach and the process of achievement of the goals being owned and managed by the coach.

In a business context the coach can be seen as an external force for focus, but the critical component of the successful coach is the ability to empathise and to maintain the momentum toward successful achievement of shared goals.

Coaching and Interim Management Process Parallels!

As part of a successful interim assignment it is essential that knowledge is transferred, to the team and coaching of that individual or team is part of that process; typical recent examples are

  • A Chief Executive Officer facing challenges relating to sales  pipelines and sales strategies which appeared to be less than productive
  • A team of middle managers challenged by leadership and motivation issues within a Project led organisation.
  • A Managing Director facing challenges relating to business strategy and business planning which he had to lead a dysfunctional board to achieve

Coaching undertaken by me and my associates is always initiated in a unique and confidential manner. If you are faced by a challenge that you feel might benefit from an initial no obligation discussion please contact me......

What Our Clients Say

“The coaching delivered by Leigh Foster was of a high quality and we were highly impressed with the results. Many of the initiatives we have put in place would not have been started without such an external influence. Our next challenge is to maintain the momentum created and we hope to continue the relationship we have built with our coach moving forward.

The high growth coaching scheme provided a valuable opportunity for our management team to develop their skills and really take a lead in managing our rapidly growing business, freeing up valuable time for the directors to think more strategically about potential for further expansion”

Mike Moran Board Director MyKnowledgeMap Ltd