Interim Management

is still a relatively new profession within many business sectors in the UK. The professional Interim Manager is now becoming recognised and has many advantages to offer client companies both large and small organisations.

Until recently it has been assumed that interims, particulary at senior level are the domain of international or at the least very large organisations. Now the use of interim managers has become more acknowledged in medium and smaller enterprises not least becasue they deliver results!

Interims provide expertise on demand

Deliver real value often in short timescales

Businesses may need to inject experienced business people often with P&L responsibilities, at short notice to provide results in the short and medium term. UK Enterprises have embraced the concept of Interim Management, making the UK one of the most sophisticated interim management markets in the world.

Little wonder, when you consider that most interim managers have achieved a certain level of seniority in their careers, are generally independent minded, objective, sensitive to but unlikely to the impacted by corporate politics and hired because of their expertise and the track record they've amassed over years of practical experience.

Most often they are overqualified for the work at hand, but enjoyed the duality of engaging intensively with an organisation yet from their independent perspective.

Interim Managers are often experienced in multiple sectors and disciplines

Interim managers are frequently called by different names - turnaround manager, freelance executive, change manager, project manager, programme manager, contractor, or even consultant. Regardless of what companies call interim managers an interim is the invaluable resource when the business faces turnaround, needs to implement a major initiative, needs to strengthen project team or a management team, or even if a sudden gap appeared last in the management structure and is imperative that flexible individual with proven skills and experiences can immediately fill the gap.

Interim Managers Defined

"The provision of effective business solutions by an independent board, or near board level manager, often over a finite time span. Such complex solutions may include change, transformation and turnaround management, business improvement, crisis management, and strategy development." - The Institute of Interim Management


Interim Managers provide immediate expertise to organisations and hit the ground running because they have the experience to ensure results happen.


What Our Clients Say

“Leigh Foster had made a real and significant difference to the Tsys Europe operation. Throughout the period Leigh was involved we formed a great working relationship, its often very useful to be able to bounce ideas with a professional, who had no political axe, and is interested in getting a good job done; we were so impressed with the relationship, we extended the engagement and would have done so further had the opportunity been available, we would recommend Leigh Foster to any business which wishes to make serious improvements to their operation”

Mr. Mike Fromant Director T-Sys Europe Ltd