Mentoring Works best when delivered by an Experienced Mentor!

Mentoring for business people and team has become popular because it works, when it is delivered by an experienced Mentor.

My experience is that mentoring works well over a long term relationship between Mentor and mentee. The mentee owns the goals and the method of implementing actions to achieve these goals which may be modified over time, but the mentor helps to develop better insight and understanding by calling on their own experiences.

Mentors provide the mentee with a confidential sounding board to test and discuss their concerns or plans, and frequently provide access to wider networks than the mentee would normally be involved with. In addition mentors are regularly called upon to act as an advisor and counsellor and frequently are seen as a role model.

Mentors from outside the immediate business can offer unique experiences and highlight areas of activity and behaviour that through observation and discussion can be used by the mentee to modify and enhance behaviours and change strategies.

Mentoring is regularly carried out face to face, but is also successfully conducted through telephone and video links, and I have successfully mentored a number of mentees working in global businesses worldwide.

 There is no one tool or framework that can be universally deployed in a mentoring relationship, but I have developed a number of frameworks that assist the development of the relationship process.

These tools range from issue mapping to structured questioning, and are focussed on action orientation to ensure that the mentee is enabled as quickly as possible to achieve desired outcomes.

Mentoring relates primarily to the identification and nurturing of potential.

The goals are defined by the learner, and the learner owns and manages both the goals and the processes to achieve these.

Over many years I have and continue to have mentor relationships with

  • Senior business people on a one to one basis,
  • Business teams to develop team working
  • The Princes Trust
  • Warwick University – Post Graduate MBA’s

What our Clients Say

"Working with Leigh Foster allowed me to explore and evaluate in a non political and non threatening environment with someone who had been there before and experienced many of the concerns and frustrations I was experiencing. Learning from his approach resulted in my career taking off in directions that I had never imagined possible and I continue to value Leigh’s Mentoring support."

Post Graduate MBA in Senior Health Care Role

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