Non-Executive Director

Effective and robust boards are an essential feature of successful companies.

The benefit of appointing a Non Executive Director to a business board has been well understood by larger organisations for many years. Is it any wonder that it is now becoming more and more common for SME’s to learn from the experience of successful corporate organisations, and appoint seasoned executives to their board who can both help and at the same time provide;

  • Impartial advice
  • Experience from many sectors other than that which the business operates
  • Seniority and gravitas
  • Constructively challenge and contribute to strategy development
  • Monitor executive activity
  • Good contacts

The IOD defines a Non Executive Director as;

Someone who is not employed by the company and usually works part time. Non Executive Directors have the same legal obligations responsibilities and potential liabilities as executive directors, but they are expected to bring a different perspective to the role. They should make a creative contribution by providing objective criticism. They are expected to focus on board matters and not stray into executive direction

Leigh Foster - Non Executive Director, Member IOD

has operated and continues to operate as a Non Executive Director, and Non Executive Chair, of Private Limited companies, and in a role of Trustee and Chairperson for Charitable organisations. His breadth of experience across a number of business sectors together with personal hands on experience of running blue chip organisations and SME’s in CEO roles enables advice to be proffered from the perspective of somebody not absorbed in the day to day details of business - based on the view of an outsider looking in, has proven a very valuable asset to many organisations.

What Our Clients Say

"Leigh is great to have at the Board table as he has a strategic mindset coupled with substantial insight on business development, marketing and risk management.  His experience of running businesses is invaluable when the Board is faced with difficult choices.  Leigh is highly respected by all the Board for his ability to analyse a problem and come forward with ideas on the way forward.  I value his contribution very highly."

Mr. James Walker, Chair, CENTRA (Education and Training) Ltd


The decision to select or even consider a Non Executive Director for your board is a key decision and not one to be entered lightly. To explore how we might work together or even if the personality mix is good please click for a no obligation discussion.